With over 24 pages, inside you’ll find:


How to get the planning for your website just right


Common mistakes to avoid on your website


What is a website builder and how to choose the best one for your project


How to create your professional-looking website in no time


Checklist: 6 key things to keep in mind before going live

Who wrote this?

Robert Brandl

My name is Robert Brandl. A few years ago, I wanted to create my own travel blog with an online shop. But soon enough I was very disappointed as all the solutions I found were way too complicated. Eventually, I came across my first website builder, which changed my digital life forever.

WebsiteToolTester was born, and so far I’ve helped hundreds of people to launch their own website. I bundled all my learnings in this (beginner-friendly) ebook so you can also start your own project.

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Why are we giving this ebook away for free?

That’s a valid question. 24 pages don’t write themselves, so there’s clearly quite a bit of work that has gone into this. Two key reasons: We don’t want to charge beginners who are in the very early stages of finding their way. And we know that people love free things, so we’re hoping this will help raise our profile.

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What you won’t find in this book:

-A course in HTML: you can learn all about HTML at – but if you use our ebook, you simply won’t need to.

-A course on internet basics.

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