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Did you know that the New York Times’ most shared content wasn’t an article, but an interactive Rent or Buy calculator? But, of course, more entertaining quizzes can be extremely successful and viral. That’s why Buzzfeed launches new ones every day.

At WebsiteToolTester, however, we’ve been using quizzes for a while. We call it Smart Finder and it helps people find the right website builder. And it’s very popular!

So I completely agree they’re a fantastic tool for websites.

So in this article, I’m going to share real business experience about why you should use them, and I’ll compare a few platforms to help you find the best quiz maker out there.

TL;DR: What’s The Best Quiz Maker?

Interact has advanced features on all plans, including branching logic and unlimited quizzes. There is a free version, or $17 monthly for 60,000 leads/year. LeadQuizzes costs twice as much, but it’s easier to use. Outgrow limits features on its plans, but it’s the most powerful. Thrive Quiz Builder has the best options for WordPress.

Why Online Quizzes Are Great For Websites

I’ll start by looking at a user’s perspective. Because we’re all inundated by a constant flow of content and data, it’s sometimes hard to find the information you want efficiently, fast, and without going into crazy research mode.

So that’s the first point:

  • Quizzes can help you find useful information in a fun, casual way.

This is the idea behind our own quizzes, and we find that users do really respond well to them. They often use it as a starting point before going into more research about a website builder, which proves these initial touchpoints work well. The same idea would work great for an online store, where you could direct customers towards the best product for them.

But not all quizzes are used to direct users towards information. Sometimes they’re just games, and that’s also great because:

  • They can attract traffic by engaging users in a non-committal way

I’m talking specifically about the Buzzfeed type personality quizzes (Which Ninja Mutant Turtle are You?) or knowledge/trivia tests (How Much do You Really Know About K-Pop?). These quizzes appeal to our sense of challenge (and narcissism), which makes them hard to resist. Plus, they’re easy to share on social media, which means you can attract traffic from other channels.

  • They are great for capturing user information

Now for the marketing and sales angle: you can use quizzes as a powerful lead acquisition method. That is to say, it’s good for getting email addresses and other contact info. And you can even go one step further: use them to segment customers and to qualify sales into prospects. If you’re not familiar with the lingo, it’s just about separating the wheat from the chaff to focus on people more likely to buy your services or products.

Quizzes Or Surveys or Polls?

Good question. In this article I’ll focus on quizzes, but there is some overlap with surveys and polls. In fact, all the tools highlighted below should allow you to create all three. Some even offer online calculators, which are more complex to implement, but also based on questions and results.

Online Quiz Makers: Our 10 Favorites

The 10 best online quiz tools are:

1. Interact: The Only One With a Generous Free Plan


There are a few impressive case studies numbers on the Interact website. A company used it to get 78% opt-in rate (for email signup). Another generated 2,500 leads with a quiz. A third improved conversion by 55.8%.

I’m not surprised, because the Interact quizzes are designed with conversion in mind. You can create personality, scored or assessment quizzes, and there are 800+ premade templates in 40 categories to choose from. You also have access to all the customization options you need to help them integrate with your branding.

Speaking of integrations, you can even connect your quiz directly with email marketing tools, or export the collected data via .CSV. The company is fully GDPR-compliant, so that’s also a plus for reputable companies.

Last but not least, the options are flexible, and you get all the features you might need. Use multiple answers, create image questions, branching logic, it’s all there to create powerful quizzes – all from a drag and drop interface.

interact branching

Interacts powerful Branching Logic Editor

Interact Pricing

You get unlimited quizzes, polls and giveaways with every plan. The only caps are on the number of leads (which is still generous with the entry plan) and the branching editor you see above. Some advanced integrations are also only available with the pricier tiers.

Below are the annual prices, which save you around 40% versus month-by-month payments.

  • Free: can’t capture leads.
  • Lite: $17 per month. Up to 60,000 leads a year.
  • Growth: $53 per month. 120,000 leads a year.
  • Pro: $125 per month. Unlimited leads.

Pros of Interact

  • There is a free version! It comes with the Interact branding and doesn’t let you capture info, but still…
  • Reasonably priced: even the Lite plan comes with almost all the pro features.
  • Powerful features: integrations and branching logic can get you really far
  • Good analytics: you get engagement scores and see which questions perform better than others
  • Loads of templates
  • GDPR compliant
  • It’s fairly easy to use: definitely easier than Outgrow or Riddle, but a bit more complicated than Leadquizzes for example.

Cons of Interact

  • Support wasn’t always super helpful or fast. However, if you are in a US time zone (unlike us) answering times should be reasonable.
  • The examples on the site are uninspiring and bordering on useless (What is Your 80s Pricing Persona?!). It’s a shame because you can do a lot better yourself.
  • Not many different quiz types

> Try Interact for free here (Save 15% on your first payment using our exclusive promo code: TOOLTESTER15)

2. Involve.me: Easy & Powerful

Quiz maker Involve.me

Involve.me is probably the easiest-to-use platform to create quizzes that we’ve seen, however, it is also very powerful, as it comes with much more than just a quiz builder. You can create calculators, payment forms and even landing pages.

There are several templates available, but the charm of Involve.me is that you can customize your quizzes to the limit. You’ll find many elements like headings, text boxes, embedded videos or even star rating, and of course, you can arrange them as you want, i.e. there is no pre-established layout you have to follow.

Involve.me flexible design

Involve.me flexible design

Interestingly, Involve.me is one of the few providers that allows you to assign scores to each answer, even negative ones. For example, if you don’t want to show a certain result under a given condition, you only have to assign it a minus score.

Sadly, there isn’t a visual logic branching editor like the one Interact offers, for example, but you can find a logic jump that will allow you to skip answers or show a result depending on the users’ input.

Involve.me Pricing

Unfortunately, even if Involve.me seems cheap at first, offering unlimited content (quizzes, forms, landing pages, etc.) and views, when you look closer, the reality is different.

  • Free: 100 submissions a month.
  • Starter: $19 per month. Up to 1,000 submissions a month.
  • Professional: $49 per month. 5,000 submissions a month.
  • Business: $149 for 15,000 submissions per month. 2 member accounts and 10 custom fonts.

Form/quiz/calculator completions are considered submissions. This means that if your online quiz is completed more than 1,000 times a month, you’ll need at least the Professional plan.

Pros of Involve.me

  • Comes with a limited free version that will allow you to try out the tool. Sadly, you’ll quickly run out of submissions as it’s limited to 100 a month.
  • Besides quizzes, it offers other types of content like calculators, forms, surveys and even landing pages.
  • GDPR-compliant
  • It’s probably the easiest quiz builder I’ve used, even easier than Interact.
  • Involve.me is really flexible when it comes to design; you can choose where to add any available element (e.g. headings, CTAs, etc.) and create different layouts that suit your needs.
  • One of the few providers that allows you to add weight (score) to each answer, so the algorithm shows a result according to the answers they’ve given.

Cons of Involve.me

  • As you can imagine, it could get expensive rapidly. For instance, I have a quiz on a very popular page that receives over 2,000 completions a month. Just for that quiz, I would need to pay $49 a month, which is way too much.
  • Logic jumps can be set, but it doesn’t come with a visual branching editor to easily create complex quiz workflows, as Interact does.
  • To remove Involve.me logo from your quiz, you’ll need at least the Professional plan.
  • Even though you can use Zapier to integrate Involve.me with many external platforms (e.g. MailerLite or Sendinblue), it doesn’t feature as many native integrations (which are safer) as other quiz makers do.

> Try Involve.me for free here (save 15% if you sign up through this link)

The discount will be applied automatically on the checkout page and is valid for the first payment (yearly or monthly).

3. Outgrow – The Most Advanced Features


If you’re looking for a simple quiz maker, you can skip this one. Outgrow caters to professional marketers who need a complete set of features to boost reach, engagement and conversions.

To that end, they give you super powerful interactive content templates like online calculators, chatbots and tailored recommendations as well as quizzes. In fact, their building solution is called a “development studio”. You don’t need to know how to code to use it, but it should give you an idea of how sophisticated it is.

So what else you get? Powerful reporting and integrations. Outgrow focuses on hyper-targeted analytics, and lets you integrate your quizzes with more than 1000+ marketing tools like GetResponse, Zapier, Google Sheets and many more.

But take a look for yourself. Unlike Interact, the examples on the Outgrow website are fantastic. They make great use of smooth animations, various media integration (GIF, video, etc…) and beautiful UI, as you can see in this Quiz example, Online Calculator or Recommendation Tool.

Outgrow Pricing

There are a lot of limits with Outgrow plans. Leads per year are capped, so are team members, templates and layouts, and even what kind of content you can create. Note that you can’t remove the Outgrow branding, unless you pay a whopping $600 a month for the Business plan (or negotiate with their sales team).

  • Free Plan: up to 4 content pieces, up to 1200 leads per year (only forms and surveys).
  • Freelancer (Quiz only): $14 per month. Build 5 content pieces only. 1 team member. 12,000 leads per year.
  • Freelancer: $25 per month. Up to 6 quizzes, calculators or ecommerce recommendations. 1 team member.  12,000 leads per year.
  • Essentials: $95 a month for unlimited content (all types). 3 team members. 90,000 leads per year. Basic support.
  • Business: $600 a month: same as above, plus advanced features like conditional messaging. Priority support.

Pros of Outgrow

  • Create all kinds of interactive content: quizzes of course, but also chatbots, suggestions, calculators etc…
  • Great support: The resources, knowledge base and online support are above par… if you can afford it.
  • Supports payment integrations: not many other quiz builders do.

Cons of Outgrow

  • Can’t remove branding unless you buy the most expensive plan
  • Limits the number of quizzes and content you can create depending on the tier
  • Its analytics section has some faults, and it’s buggy at times. E.g. trying to get conversion rates is complicated.
  • No live support until the Essentials plan ($95 per month).

> Try Outgrow for free here

4. LeadQuizzes – Balancing Simplicity and Features


Like Interact, LeadQuizzes shows a bunch of success stories on their website. They also have plans for solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large agencies. And like Interact, you get a great range of features like newsletter tool integration, reporting and premade templates.

What’s more, I found the LeadQuizzes interface to be friendlier than Interact’s. It was easy to use, even when creating complex branching logic for multiple answer forms, quizzes and surveys. There’s also a scoring-based logic available, where you assign values to your answers.

So why is it so far down this list? LeadQuizzes is expensive. You’re looking at around twice the amount you’d pay with Interact, as you’ll see below:

LeadQuizzes Pricing

All the plans include the full gamut of features. Limits are based on the number of linked websites, and “visitors per month” which is actually how many times the quiz appears on your site. The prices are for yearly plans:

  • Standard: $37 per month. Limited to 1 website and 5,000 visitors a month.
  • Pro: $74 per month. Up to 5 linked websites and 50,000 visitors a month.
  • Premium: $185 a month for 15 websites and unlimited visitors.

Pros of LeadQuizzes

  • Easy to use: fantastic user experience for creating quizzes, surveys and forms.
  • Great features: Newsletter integration, reporting, templates, branching logic
  • All features available on all plans

Cons of LeadQuizzes

  • At the pricier end of the spectrum
  • Free trial requires a credit card
  • Instead of letting you access resources like a normal company, you have to enroll in a “LeadQuizz Academy course” to watch how-to videos and tutorials. No thanks!

5. Typeform: Not just forms!

typeform quiz maker

This Barcelona-based company started out as a form builder with a twist. Their mobile-friendly and engaging forms made them a popular choice for many Internet companies. One of their latest additions is the quiz maker.

Currently, there are not too many quiz templates but the ones they do have look pretty good. To test a quiz maker I always build a personality quiz as it’s one of the more complex quiz types. And complex it will be with Typeform. To funnel your visitors through to the corresponding personality you’ll have to set up quite a few Logic Jumps, as they call it. Unfortunately, these jumps are limited to three in the cheapest plan, which, in my case, didn’t last long.

Otherwise, Typeform’s Quiz Maker is a pretty sleek affair. It’s intuitive, offers plenty of different question types, and shows some of the best customization options. And, of course, it also lets you collect leads and send them straight to your email marketing software or CRM (there are plenty of direct integrations).

A few of the tested features still had a beta label on them, so it’s quite likely some changes will be made in the near future.

Typeform Pricing

With Typeform you won’t only get a quiz maker but also a powerful form and survey builder. If you are looking for all of the above, Typeform should be on your shortlist.

  • Free: $0. Up 10 responses per month.
  • Basic: $25 per month. Up to 100 responses per month.
  • Plus: $50 per month. Up to 1000 responses per month. No Typeform branding.
  • Business: $83 per month. Up to 10,000 responses per month. Advanced analytics.

Prices shown for yearly contracts. Please note: on their website they mix monthly and yearly plans for different tiers, which is slightly confusing.

Pros of Typeform

  • Great customization: can add descriptions, images, videos, etc.
  • General aesthetic: it’s fun to use Typeform
  • Form and survey tools included as well
  • Analytics with drop-off analysis
  • Free plan

Cons of Typeform

  • Expensive as the number of responses you can receive is very limited.
  • Complicated to set up certain types of quizzes (e.g. personality)
  • The editor for Logic Jumps can be confusing for larger quizzes

> Try Typeform here

6. Riddle – Versatile Quiz Options


The great thing about Riddle is that they feature a huge amount of different tools: Opinion Polls, Reaction Polls, Spot the Difference-type of widgets and Ranked Polls. Using the Journey quiz allows you to map out a user’s journey and work with dependencies (logic jumps etc).

I found Riddle to be fairly easy to use, though not quite as intuitive as Interact or LeadQuizzes. It’s a pity that Riddle limits the full array of styling options to the expensive Team plan as Riddle’s pre-built template designs didn’t really blow me away. Customizing colors, fonts and buttons is something you’ll surely want to do based on the Riddle templates I’ve seen.

Riddle pricing

All plans include unlimited quizzes and leads. If you are going to collect a massive number of leads you will like this as most other quiz builders have some caps on how many contacts can sign up through your quizzes.

  • Basic: $29 per month. Includes Riddle’s branding.
  • Pro: $49 per month. Fully white-labeled.
  • Team: $249 per month. All features such as access to the CSS code.

(Prices for yearly subscriptions)

Pros of Riddle

  • Tons of different interactive content styles keep your visitors entertained
  • No need for credit card to try: most other quiz makers require one
  • GDPR compliant: Riddle is a German company

Cons of Riddle

  • Designs look a bit dated – this wouldn’t be so bad if you had more customization options too.
  • No branching logic unless you choose the “Journey” quizzes

> Try Riddle quiz maker here

7. Thrive Quiz Builder- Best for WordPress


Let’s get one thing out of the way: Thrive Quiz Builder only works for sites using WordPress.org. It’s part of a whole suite of WordPress products from the company Thrive, including themes and marketing tools.

So if you’re not using WordPress, you’ll be missing out. It’s a shame because Thrive Quiz Builder is one of the most intuitive and affordable quiz builders on this list. You get all the advanced features you might need, including branching logic, progress bars, opt-in pages, A/B testing and reporting.

The quizzes themselves are beautifully designed, and based on four types of answers: score, percentage, category, or right/wrong. They come with smooth animations and decent customization options. They’re also fast and responsive, which guarantees a good user experience. You can enable them on all your pages and posts via shortcode.

Thrive Pricing

Thrive used to be a good option for people who are allergic to subscriptions. However, this has changed, meaning that you’ll need to purchase Thrive Suite for a recurring fee. Next to Quiz Builder, the Suite also includes things like a WordPress theme builder and A/B testing tool. Whether you need it or not, you’ll have to purchase the bundle.

Thrive Suite. Install on up to 25 websites, includes support and updates:

  • Quarterly: $30/month
  • Yearly: $19/month.

Pros of Thrive Quiz Builder

  • Very intuitive and easy to use
  • Install on up to 25 websites
  • No limits on features, number of quizzes or leads

Cons of Thrive Quiz Builder

  • WordPress websites only
  • No free trial
  • Can’t purchase just the Quiz Builder

> Try Thrive here

Bonus Round: Other WordPress Quiz Builders We Tried

If you use WordPress but aren’t sure Thrive Quiz Builder is right for you, there were three other contenders I found gave good results.

8. ARI Stream Quiz

Ari Stream Quiz

It’s by far the cheapest option on this whole list, with a Personal license available for 1 website that only costs $17. And yes, it’s a one-time fee with all the features. If you want to install it on an unlimited number of websites, you can get the Developer License for $25. (There’s also a free version that doesn’t let you see the user results, so pretty useless for marketing purposes).

Seeing as ARI Stream Quiz is very easy to use, it sounds like a good deal. But there are a few downsides, like the lack of customization options and advanced features. There’s no branching logic, and users don’t get to skip the lead capture form, which can be frustrating. You can only enable or disable the option yourself.

> Try ARI Stream Quiz here

9. Quiz Cat from Fatcat Apps

Quiz Cat

While there’s no branching questions or advanced customization options, it does the basics really well. The quizzes look nice both for personality and trivia styles, and they’re very easy to build. Prices are $49 for 1 website and $79 for up to 3 websites.

If you want analytics, export your leads or boost social shares, note that you’ll need the Elite plan ($149). It also comes with Facebook Pixel integration to track your users’ quiz usage more closely.

> Try Quiz Cat here

10. WP Quiz Pro

WP Quiz Pro

It’s very Buzzfeed-esque, with a focus on mobile quizzes. You can tell from a few of their unique options like “swipe” quizzes, where you can swipe left or right to select answers. The ability to integrate ads between each question is also something I’ve not seen elsewhere – and there’s even a “pay-to-play” option (not that I would love using it myself).

WP Quiz Pro has a free version as well as paid plans: $67 for 1 site, $77 for 3 sites (one-time fee). The interface is very easy to use, if lacking in customization options. You can integrate it with some email marketing options like GetResponse, Aweber and MailChimp and publish directly to Facebook. No branching logic, however.

How to Design A Successful Online Quiz?

I won’t go into too much detail here, because a lot of marketing experts have thought a lot more about it than me. You can find tons of resources on the topic online. But I’ll add some of my findings based on personal experience:

  • To have a successful quiz you need traffic: That’s why even before starting to create a quiz you should strategically select highly frequented pages (and/or social media channels) and think about topics that could work well on them.
  • Ensure it’s relevant to the rest of your content: some sites are really pushing it to the absurd. Do I really need to know which Star Wars character I am to select a car insurance?
  • Mix text and other media: It helps break the routine to use images, GIFs or videos if you can.
  • Keep it simple: quizzes tend to be lighthearted and silly. You don’t need to create a complete psychological profile of your users with 100+ questions.
  • Write clear and concise questions: Misunderstanding the instructions are a sure way to ruin the quiz-taking experience
  • Don’t make the lead generation part mandatory: that’s the frustrating practice of hiding the quiz results unless the user submits their email address. Worse, some try to make you pay for the results!
  • Test it thoroughly! You can only find out if all the results make sense if you’ve really gone through your quiz many, many times. Sometimes you will find answers that just don’t make sense.

The Best Online Quiz Makers – Key Takeaway

I’ve certainly learned a lot about the power of online quizzes by researching these solutions.

The key takeaway is that interactive content works wonders in our digital era. It’s fast, lighthearted, and instantly shareable, whether it’s a simple yes or no quiz, or a complex recommendation system.

In our case, we ended up using a combination of ARI Stream Quiz and Interact on our site (we’re slowly moving away from ARI though). Thanks to Interact’s free plan it’s completely risk-free. Fortunately the paid plans are also very competitive (we are currently on the Lite plan).

And best of all, a quiz maker can really help your business grow, whether your goal is to attract traffic, convert sales, or gain new leads. Hopefully this guide will be a good primer on how to do all of that with the right quiz maker.

Do you have any questions? We’ll be happy to answer them in the comments!



14 Mar 2022 – Involve.me & Outgrow general update
16 Feb 2022 – Pricing changes and other updates
14 Apr 2021 – Involve.me update
05 Mar 2021 – Thrive pricing changed.
15 Feb 2021 – Involve.me added.
15 Dec 2020 – Outgrow’s free plan added.
23 Apr 2020 – Typeform Quiz Maker added, price increase for Riddle reflected.
04 Feb 2020 – LeadQuizzes added a scoring-based quiz type.

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