This provider offers a wide range of features for an affordable price. There is no free plan, but you can sign up for a free 14 day trial period.

HelpOnClick is particularly interesting for larger organizations with different departments that may manage more than just one website. You can even set up a schedule with automatic log-off times for your operators.

Chat agents can either use the browser-based console or install a piece of software on their computer.

Let's have a closer look at the HelpOnClick live chat tool:


HelpOnClick Pricing



Includes up to 100 chats per month and 5 departments.



Unlimited chats and departments. Install it on up to 5 websites.

Prices are based on 1-year contracts. Check further pricing details here.

Pros / Cons of HelpOnClick

Supports multiple websites

Features of the web interface

Idle mode

Not very intuitive

Rating Details

criterion rating comments

Ease of use

The interface is not very intuitive, the menu lacks explanations.


As easy as copying and pasting, however, when applying changes to the chat client you sometimes have to re-install the code on your website.

Themes and Style Options

There is one basic widget which comes in different colors. Additionally there are chat icons, which we found a bit old-fashioned.

Chat client

There is the dynamic widget (which we recommend) as well as the icons that will trigger a pop-up once the visitor clicks it. You can display a photo of the operators’ with both variants.

Chat agent console

Offers a convenient console with a lot of functionality. A desktop app is available as well. Does not support instant messengers like GTalk or Skype.

Automatic messaging

Visitors can be invited to chat manually or automatically. Trigger variables are time spent on site, the URL and/or the referrer. More options would be good.

Offline mode

Use it as a contact form while nobody is online. The button can also be hidden.

Shortcuts / canned messages

You can create pre-defined messages and add them very conveniently via the menu.

Tracking & live analytics


It will create a history of past chats and also let’s you send a transcript to your visitors.

Multiple languages

You can customize all of the backend text. But it will not switch languages automatically. You have to decide on one main language.

Ticketing system


HelpOnClick also provides an affordable helpdesk solution (not tested).

Integrations and add-ons


Offers a range of CRM and Helpdesk integrations. Examples are Salesforce, Zoho and Zendesk.

Team Management


You can transfer or invite other agents to ongoing chat sessions.

Mobile support / apps


An iPhone and iPad app is available.

Voice/video calls


Not available



Ban users


You can ban by IP address.

Log creation


Creates a searchable archive.


Yes Live Chat

Yes Email

No Phone

The FAQs are very limited. It’s best to contact them via live chat.

Overall rating


HelpOnClick is very strong on functions but not very intuitive for the operator.


Once you get the hang of it and everything is set up properly, HelpOnClick is a great support tool. Your operators have a convenient way of using pre-defined messages to speed up the chat experience for your customers. The way we see it HelpOnClick’s focus is more on larger companies that want to set up the system on different websites and departments.

To fully understand how the admin interface works will take longer than comparable providers. The help section is pretty limited and the structure of the menus can be confusing. Important points of the menu are in grey color on a grey background for example. We were also missing an automatic way to show an agent as offline — with other providers you can switch an agent into offline mode if they are away from their desk.

Although a few areas should be improved, all in all we are quite happy with the price/performance ratio.

> Try HelpOnClick on your website – 14 day free trial (no credit card required).

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