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Sure, Namecheap is known for offering one of the cheapest rates for registering domain names. According to Statista they are the biggest registrar worldwide after GoDaddy – about 8% of all domain names are registered with Namecheap.

But of course, they offer much more than domains. As I’ll explain below you can have your email hosting, website hosting, CDN, SSL certificates and even VPN with them.

In this Namecheap review I’d like to look under Namecheap’s hood and test its hosting services (EasyWP for WordPress) so you can figure out if they are a good fit to host your project.

Namecheap Hosting Review Summary

Its EasyWP hosting service is exclusively for WordPress sites. Namecheap’s backend is (too?) simple and easy to use, and the performance was impressive when speed and uptime were tested. Starting at $2.49 it will be a good fit for small and medium-sized WordPress projects.

Namecheap EasyWP Video-Review

What’s on Offer at Namecheap

First of all, let me detail the main products that customers can purchase at Namecheap, to see if any of them will cover your needs.

Domain names

If Namecheap gets something right it’s the domain name registration. I have all my domain names registered with them – I moved them over several years ago from and I am still delighted with the service.

And of course, the price is very competitive. For less than $10 you can register a .com domain name – and it renews at $13.48 per year.

Domain Name TLD Registration (per year) Renewal (per year)
.com $9.48 $13.48
.net $12.98 $14.98
.org $9.18 $14.98 $7.48 $9.48
.de $6.98 $8.98
.fr $12.98 $12.98
.es $20.98 $21.98

Prices referenced on 29th Sep 2021

You can also buy (for about $5 a year) premium DNS that should help your site load faster and have 100% DNS uptime. If you need SSL certificates, you are in luck – Namecheap also offers them, starting at about $8 a year for a single domain or $100 for a Wildcard certificate.

Email Hosting

Another thing Namecheap offers are email hosting plans, in case you don’t need a website, but you’d like to have a professional-looking email address like [email protected]

Namecheap email hosting review

These email hosting plans start (at renewal) at around $12 per year for 1 email account and 5 GB of storage (you’ll need to purchase the domain name separately) – there are superior plans with more storage and email inboxes if you need them.

If you are looking for an email service that offers storage for your emails, files and even has some features for you to create documents (e.g. similar to MS Word), spreadsheets or presentations, check out the Namecheap Ultimate Plan. However, a service like Google Workspace (read review) or Microsoft 365 (read review) may be better alternatives.

Web Hosting

For those needing a hosting service for their website, Namecheap has several products to offer:

  • Shared: This Namecheap hosting plan allows you to host your websites with other clients (you share the server). It’s managed via cPanel, and it starts at around $2.90 a month for hosting a maximum of 3 websites and 20 GB of storage – there are higher plans if needed.
  • EasyWP: With prices from $2.49 to $8.24 a month, this Namecheap hosting service will allow you to have 1 WordPress installation only. As it is a WordPress-exclusive hosting package you can’t host other types of sites (e.g. Joomla or Drupal). Scroll down a little further to read more about this service.
  • VPS: These are servers ‘virtually’ divided into sub-servers that clients use. VPS is ideal when you want to have your own space and server setup, but can’t afford / don’t need dedicated hosting. VPS Prices start from $10 a month with Namecheap, and you can decide between cPanel and InterWorx to control your dashboard.
  • Dedicated: With a dedicated server, you will be the only one using it. Therefore, this is ideal for larger websites (e.g. tens of thousands of visits per month). At Namecheap, dedicated hosting plans range from around $57 – $260 per month up.
  • Reseller: Useful for agencies or freelancers working with clients that want to resell Namecheap hosting packages to others. It’s cPanel-based and the prices go from around $18 a month to $52, depending on the storage and number of accounts needed.
  • CDN: For those looking to speed up their websites’ global loading times with a network that serves content across different locations faster. It also has some security advantages like preventing DDoS attacks. Some Namecheap hosting plans (e.g. EasyWP Supersonic) include this option, but if needed it can be purchased starting at $8.90 a month.

Other products

But email hosting, domains and web hosting are not the only services and products that Namecheap offers. For example, you can purchase a VPN from them (starting at around $3 a month), a website builder or even a logo maker.

Namecheap EasyWP Pricing

As you’ve seen, there are several hosting packages and other products that Namecheap offers.

From now on, this Namecheap review will focus on their EasyWP hosting plans for WordPress – we picked this one to test, as we love (and use!) WordPress and thought its affordability would be interesting for other WordPress site owners.

Plan Starter Turbo Supersonic
Sites 1 1 1
Webspace 10 GB 50 GB 100 GB
Visits per month 50.000 200.000 500.000
Resources (CPU & RAM) * 1x 1.5 more 2x more
Caching Yes Yes Yes
Free CDN included No Yes Yes
SSL certificate No Yes Yes
99.99% uptime Not guaranteed Not guaranteed Not guaranteed
Automatic WordPress updates Yes Yes Yes
Yearly renewal prices * $2.49 a month $5.74 a month $8.24 a month
Support 24 h 24 h 24 h
More information

* Namecheap marketing materials or legal documents don’t seem to disclose the exact amount of CPU and RAM allocation that each plan gets. Prices reflect the monthly cost of 1-year contracts, the full amount needs to be paid in advance.

  • EasyWP Starter: $2.49 monthly for 10 GB of storage, 50K visits per month (for 1 website).
  • EasyWP Turbo: $5.74 monthly for 50 GB of storage, 200K visits per month (for 1 website). It comes with 1.5x RAM and CPU resources. A CDN and SSL certificate are included from this plan onwards.
  • EasyWP Supersonic: $8.24 a month for 100 GB of storage and 500K visits each month. It comes with 2x RAM and CPU resources.

What can you expect from each EasyWP Namecheap plan?

EasyWP is a WordPress-focused service as I’ve mentioned already. Here are all the things that are included with every plan:

  • Hosting for 1 WordPress site
  • WordPress 1-click installation to make the process easier
  • 24-hour support over live chat or ticket system (similar to email)
  • 1 SFTP access
  • A system to create your own backups and restore if something goes wrong
  • WordPress caching plugin to speed up your site

A look under Namecheap’s EasyWP Hood

Namecheap Pros & Cons


  • Affordable: It’s one of the cheapest web hosting services out there and an extremely low priced choice for WordPress websites.
  • Performance: I was impressed with the uptime and speed when we tested this host
  • Easy to use: The backend is well-designed and beginners should have no problem following the interface
  • CDN and caching: All plans will get access to the caching plugin. Turbo and Supersonic users will have a CDN at their disposal too.
  • Storage: EasyWP offers a lot of storage.
  • 24h support: Via live chat or ticket system, I never had to wait too long to be taken care of.


  • Limited panel: EasyWP is geared towards beginners, and its system may be a bit too simple for some (e.g. no option to control your PHP version, databases and limited configuration of your SFTP accounts)
  • Only 1 website: EasyWP will only allow you 1 website per plan
  • WordPress-only: This is a hosting for WordPress sites only
  • Limited visits: Namecheap limits the visitors that you can have each month
  • No email: If you need email accounts, you’ll need to purchase these separately.

Namecheap specifications

criterion rating comments

Ease of Use

Namecheap’s dashboard is easy to use and has a clean design. However, it lacks numerous options like PHP version control, file managing system or server statistics.

Domain Names

A domain name isn’t included, but you can buy one from Namecheap themselves at affordable prices. Be aware that this hosting is limited to 1 WordPress website.

Email Rating

Email services aren’t included with Namecheap’s EasyWP plans. Namecheap offers email accounts, at an extra cost, if you need them.


EasyWP doesn’t allow users to fully access their database setup, so creating additional databases is not straightforward. They don’t seem to have a hard limit on how big the database can get.


N/A. This is a WordPress hosting service, hence only WordPress can be installed and used. If you need to use another CMS, Namecheap comes with other hosting packages that you can use.

Webspace Limit

Namecheap is generous with the storage: the Starter plan comes with 10 GB of webspace, Turbo plans with 50GB, and Supersonic with 100 GB.

Monthly Data Transfer Limit

EasyWP plans come with a limit on the monthly users you can have: 50k, 200k or 500k depending on your plan.

FTP Accounts and Secure FTP

It’s possible to have secure FTP, but managing it is a bit limited (e.g. you can’t decide on the route, username or password) – you can decide for how long the access will be available. Sadly, it’s not possible to have SSH access.

Server Location

Namecheap servers are located exclusively in the US (Phoenix, AZ)

Security Features

Free SSL certificates are not included with the Starter plan. It’s possible to set up 2-factor authentication for your Namecheap account, which adds an extra-layer of security to your account. Sadly, it doesn’t seem possible to have more users added to the account (e.g. a separate login for different people in the same company).

Server Speed

When I tested Namecheap I was impressed with its results, certainly the WordPress caching plugin must help here (more information below).


Namecheap’s uptime is also impressive, as you can read below.


You can create and download your own backups easily. Sadly, Namecheap doesn’t create automatic backups on its own (e.g. daily copies of your site).


The Turbo and Supersonic plans come with the CDN integrated.

Server Features

It’s not possible to manually change the PHP version, by default it seems to be using PHP 7.4 at the moment. As it’s a WordPress-focused hosting, only PHP is allowed (e.g. can’t use Perl or Ruby). It’s not PCI-compliant (e.g. important for online stores).

Refunds and Guarantees

The most expensive plan guarantees 99.99% uptime, which is VERY generous. There is a 30-day free trial option.

Assistance and Support

Namecheap offers 24/7 support over chat and ticket system. I never had to wait too long for a free agent.

Overall Rating


Namecheap has a very decent system to host one WordPress website if you don’t need a hosting panel with advanced options.

What is Namecheap used for?

Namecheap is a good option for small and medium-sized projects that use WordPress as their CMS of choice. It’s a reliable choice for those looking for a simple host, as it limits how much control you can have over your hosting account (e.g. can’t change your PHP version).

Namecheap backups

Another important aspect to consider is the lack of automatic backups; you can create your own, but Namecheap won’t be automatically creating any for you. Consider using a plugin for automatic backups.

When not to use Namecheap hosting?

EasyWP from Namecheap won’t be for you if:

  • You try to host a site that’s not powered by WordPress
  • You need Windows-based hosting
  • You need all the hosting bells and whistles like staging areas, daily backups or SSH access
  • You are a team of developers or agency as there aren’t independent logins
  • You plan to host more than 1 website

Testing Namecheap’s hosting

I have also tested the performance of Namecheap’s EasyWP hosting service, and compared it to other hosting providers, so you can get an idea of what to expect from Namecheap.

Uptime tests

You want your hosting service to have as few service interruptions as possible. This is good for both user experience and SEO (e.g. organic Google rankings).

Provider 2019 Uptime 2020 Uptime 2021 Uptime
Kinsta No data 100% 100%
Cloudways No data 100% 100%
SiteGround 99.98% 99.97% 100%
Namecheap – Uptime test 4 months No data No data 100%
WP Engine No data 99.99% 99.99%
Bluehost 99.98% 99.96% 99.99%
HostGator 99.94% 99.91% 99.99%
A2 Hosting 99.93% 99.99% 99.98%
GreenGeeks No data 99.98% 99.98%
DreamHost 100% 99.99% 99.96%
GoDaddy 99.97% 99.9% 99.96%
InMotion 99.97% 99.73% 99.95%
IONOS – Uptime test 4 months No data No data 99.93%
Hostinger 99.62% 99.48% 99.92%
iPage 99.66% 98.45% 99.85%

To monitor uptime I use StatusCake, a tool that checks each website every 5 minutes.

As you can see, the uptime has been fantastic so far with Namecheap, it’s well above the 99.95% industry-standard. Moreover, the Supersonic plan (the most expensive one) promises a 99.99% (guaranteed), which not many providers offer.

Is Namecheap fast?

As you can imagine, another key aspect to consider when checking the performance of a web host is speed. It goes without saying that your visitors won’t be happy if your website is slow, and of course, Google won’t like it either.

Provider GTmetrix Pingdom Webpage test Page Speed Insights Total
SiteGround 0.71 0.71 1.78 2.94 1.54
GreenGeeks 0.81 1.49 1.79 2.2 1.56
Namecheap 0.99 1.40 1.92 2.08 1.6
Hostinger 0.97 2.07 1.77 1.62 1.61
WP Engine 1 1.99 1.46 2.2 1.65
Cloudways 0.80 1.39 1.89 2.84 1.73
Kinsta 0.78 2.18 2.17 1.98 1.77
DreamHost 1.16 1.72 2.56 1.92 1.84
GoDaddy 1.14 2.27 2.23 2.1 1.94
IONOS 1.21 2.08 1.74 2.78 1.95
A2 Hosting 0.96 1.40 3.78 1.9 2.01
InMotion 2.02 2.86 2.61 3.52 2.75
iPage 1.76 2.82 2.73 3.74 2.76
HostGator 2.4 5.21 1.87 1.65 2.78
Bluehost 1.74 4.5 2.42 2.82 2.87

Results in seconds

When we tested Namecheap speed, it was also top. As you can see in the table above, not many other providers perform faster than Namecheap.

Namecheap Review: Parting Thoughts

I am thrilled that we gave Namecheap a go and tested its performance, and were able to get a feel for its pros and cons.

As we’ve seen, this is a really affordable host that provides good performance, and offers generous storage and bandwidth.

The interface is easy to use, but at the same time, it has some shortcomings (e.g. can’t manually change the PHP version). I’d also like to see them do automatic backups, even if you can create your own manually. Namecheap is only a good option if you are looking to host just ONE WordPress site.

> Try Namecheap


Please, if you still have questions about EasyWP or you aren’t sure if this is a good option for your project, leave a comment so we can help you.


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